Here's a video of my poem "The Color of It" that's in included in the anthology From Pandemic to Protest, released fall 2021 from The Poetry Box.

Let lack of blatant color
call you to make sense of
shape, juxtaposition, hue.

from "Making Sense" by Jeanne Julian, in The Kleksograph

- The Belfast Poetry Festival annually sponsors the Maine Postmark Poetry Contest. My poem—along with others by fellow members of the Maine Poets' Society!—was chosen as a finalist. "The child I never had should know" originated in a workshop session led by Shuly Xóchitl Cawood (who has a new book out!).

- Pleased that my poem "Get Out" has been accepted for publication in Silkworm, vol.16, published by the Florence Poets Society. It's doubly fun because I lived in Florence, Massachusetts, for about 30 years!

- Thanks to an alert from the Maine Poets Society, I submitted two poems to The Kleksograph, an online "international review of arts and the subconscious." The editor has included "Making Sense" and "'View from the Park' in Ink" in the September issue.

- Here is "The Left-field Wall" in Gyroscope Review.

- Is there really a place "Where the Ducks Walk on the Fish"?

- A poem inspired by coastal Maine is up at Eastern Iowa Review.

Inkwell, Sarah Orne Jewett House, Maine


October Sunrise, Acadia National Park

A painter's brushes, Biddeford, Maine

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Terminal, Orlando, Florida

​​​Quotations for writers

"When we read with fine attention, we find ourselves caring about people who are various, muddled, uncertain, and not quite like us (and this is good).”
—Zadie Smith, lecture on Forster (from essay by Andrea Long Chu) 


Jeanne Julian

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Cormorants at Kettle Cove, Cape Elizabeth, Maine