- Hole in the Head Review—an online quarterly journal that bills itself as "on the perilous coast of Maine—the very edge of the Atlantic"—shares four of my poems in volume 3, no. 3.

- What a striking cover on this new anthology from Quillkeepers Press! It includes four of my poems: about a fly, an owl, hummingbirds, and creatures both hunters and prey.

- My poem "Pattern" has won the Maine Poets' Society Poem Prize. Finalists were Patrick Hefferan and Martin Steingesser. The judge was Julia Bouwsma, Maine's sixth Poet Laureate.

- The River, the online branch of The Sandy River Review, features a few of my poems.

Here’s a deal for you: if
the tender tempo of my fingers
rouses your unlikely pulse,
whatever dream was beaten out of you, I
will sing into being. 

by Jeanne Julian, from "Pattern,"

winner of the Maine Poets' Society Poem Prize, 2022.

Icon of Las Parrandas de Remedios, Cuba

Jeanne Julian

Here's a video of my poem "The Color of It" that's in included in the anthology From Pandemic to Protest, released fall 2021 from The Poetry Box.


Vendor with Flowers, Seattle, Washington


Woman at South Rim, Grand Canyon

Woman in Blanket, Haliwa-Saponi

Pow Wow, North Carolina

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“You can't see what has shaped (or occluded) your vision until you live somewhere that makes you see how it is you conduct your looking, your liking, your affinities and aversions.” 

—Heather Treseler

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- As of September 2022, I'm the new secretary on the board of Maine Poets' Society.

- This sounds like an episode of I Love Lucy, but, I'm nonetheless pleased to share that I reached the Finalist stage in the "Winning Writers" 2022 Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest. Only 23 poets reached the Finalist stage out of 5,187 contestants, according to Wergle Flomp authorities. My poem was a spin on Walt Whitman's "I sing the body electric." My version is "The electric kettle sings." If you know of any publication looking for Walt Whitman spoofs, let me know.

- It was fun to attend the Garden Party (moved indoors because of the heat!) at Topsham Public Library in celebration of their "Joy of..." Series. Friends of the Library, sponsors, judges, and winners of the 2021 contests for Art, Photography, and Writing were honored. I'm appreciative of having received the Margaret F. Tripp Award for Poetry for "Angel of the Sensual" in the Joy of the Pen category. AND—there was pleasant guitar music by Zack AND they served oodles of scrumptious custom cookies from Lil Jam Cookies!