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- My full-length collection, Like the O in Hope, is here! You may order it from The Poetry Box SelectShawn Aveningo Sanders, editor; cover art from a collage by Wilmington, NC, artist Elizabeth Darrow

- North Carolina Literary Review has nominated my poem "Prelude to Lust" for the 2019 Best of the Net Anthology.

"The Dead Woman's Suitcase" and "Smoke Jumper" are included in ​Flying South.

- Kakalak 2019 includes my poems "Salvage Yard" and "The Man Who Took Her Blood." 

- Hermit Feathers Review has published two New Bern-themed poems: "Waterway" and "Bayard Wootten." The latter is about a pioneering woman photographer from the river-bordered city.

Decades later, in decline,
wakeful and fretful, she wishes

for that subtle vampire
to appear again, to withdraw
the roiling inner humors,
make the darkest hours ordinary. 

—from "The Man Who Took Her Blood," 

by Jeanne Julian

In ​Kakalak 2019


"Doll, Tryon Palace" is also featured in ​Kakalak 2019.

"Old Cypress, Neuse River" appears in monochrome in Kakalak 2019.


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Jeanne Julian

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​​Quotations for writers

“[Ahmet] Altan recognizes that to beat back the horrors of power intent on enslaving us all, bravery needs to come from readers, as well. In order to save their own lives, they must choose to seek out the best, the most important, the most truthful writing whether it’s journalism or fiction.

'Each eye that reads what I have written, each voice that repeats my name holds my hand like a little cloud and flies me over the lowlands.'

Thus, with such readers in mind, this author wrote from his cage:

'You can imprison me but you cannot keep me here. Because like all writers, I have magic. I can pass through your walls with ease.'"

―James Grady, Washington Post, reviewing I Will Never See the World Again​ by Ahmet Altan

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