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​- Reed Magazine has announced that my poem "Intimacy at the Blue Moon Café" was chosen as a co-winner of The Edwin Markham Prize, along with a poem by Rodrigo Toscano of New Orleans. More details are on Reed's Facebook page. 

- My full-length collection, Like the O in Hope, was released in 2019. You may order it from The Poetry Box SelectShawn Aveningo Sanders, editor; cover art from a collage by Wilmington, NC, artist Elizabeth Darrow

- North Carolina Literary Review has nominated my poem "Prelude to Lust" for the 2019 Best of the Net Anthology.

"The Dead Woman's Suitcase" and "Smoke Jumper" are included in ​Flying South.

- Kakalak 2019 includes my poems "Salvage Yard" and "The Man Who Took Her Blood." 

- Hermit Feathers Review has published two New Bern-themed poems: "Waterway" and "Bayard Wootten." The latter is about a pioneering woman photographer from the river-bordered city.

Decades later, in decline,
wakeful and fretful, she wishes

for that subtle vampire
to appear again, to withdraw
the roiling inner humors,
make the darkest hours ordinary. 

—from "The Man Who Took Her Blood," 

by Jeanne Julian

In ​Kakalak 2019


"Schoolgirls, Remedios, Cuba" will be in the Coastal Photo Club's exhibit at Craven Arts Council's Bank of the Arts gallery through February. 

"Beale Street, Memphis" also will be in gallery exhibit.

​​Quotations for writers

“Some moments I sense that I am in alignment with those who have perfected their art when they were living. I am working alongside them. And some days I feel utterly alone and back in the muck. That is the human condition. No matter where we are in the process, it's important to keep going in the best possible manner, and bump up against the edge of unknowing."

―Joy Harjo, One Song

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