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“When I am stuck in the perfection cog—as in, I am rewriting a sentence a million times over even though I’m in a first draft or, I am freaking out and can’t move forward because I am not sure how everything is going to fit together—I find it helpful to tell myself:

You will fail.

I have this written on a Post-it note. It might sound discouraging, but I find it very liberating. The idea is that no matter what I do, the draft is going to be flawed, so I might as well just have at it. I also like to look at pictures I’ve taken of all the many drafts that go into my books as they become books, which helps me remember that so much of what I am writing now will later change. When I am aware that my work is not as brave or true as it needs to be, I like to look at a particular photograph of myself as a child. I am about eight, sitting on a daybed in cut-off shorts, with a book next to me. I’m looking at the camera with great confidence, and an utter lack of self-consciousness. This photograph reminds me of who I am at my essence, and frees me up to write more like her.”

 —Anna Solomon, author of Leaving Lucy Pear, in ​Poets & Writers

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...In the shipyard vessels slip the cradle,
miraculously floating as once your ribs
voyaged above my heart, I your Arafura.
My curious hands caress absence                        
as it chimes the hours. Sixteen bells. 

—from "Widow's Walk" by Jeanne Julian

 Naugatuck River Review, winter/spring 2019


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Jeanne Julian

"Window in Florence" received an Award of Excellence at the 29th annual Art from the Heart exhibit in Morehead City, NC, this spring. 

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- "Ticketmaster, 1999" is in Poetry Quarterly's winter issue.

- "Mistakes" received an honorable mention in the 2019 North Carolina Poetry Society contest's Mary Ruffin Poole American Heritage category. 

Red Clay Review ​out of Central Carolina Community College will publish three of my poems in their upcoming issue with a music theme: "American Music," "Epithalamium," and "In Her Hands"—the latter written for the annual North Carolina Poetry Society sestina contest years ago. It didn't win a prize then, but it'll now see publication!

- Speaking of NCPS, the January 12 meeting offered an inspirational line-up of readers and presenters: Len Lawson, Jacinta V. White, and Dan Albergotti. At the open mic, I read from Relic and Myth.

- My first full-length collection, Light Source, has been accepted for publication by The Poetry Box Select. 

- "Widow's Walk" was chosen as a finalist in Naugatuck River Review's 10th Annual Narrative Poetry Contest. This delights me because it's one of the first journals to publish one of my poems. And, it's out of our old stomping grounds, Western Massachusetts. The editor, Lori Desrosiers, is a fine poet in her own right, and the contest judge was Allison Joseph

- My latest chapbook, Relic and Myth, was released by Prolific Press in November 2018.