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- Check out the 2021 wine-themed poems at Judd's Hill winery, including contest winner "Under the Veil" by Ryan Voss―and my poem too, about grape-growing in an inhospitable climate (like, for instance, Maine). A toast [🍷] to the winery for sponsoring a poetry competition for more than15 years!

- The Topsham, Maine, Public Library has chosen "Angel of the Sensual" as recipient of the Margaret F. Tripp Poetry Award in its annual "Joy of the Pen" competition.

- The next issue of Eno Magazine will include "River in Your Living Room," a poem that emerged from Hurricane Florence. My poetry pal Sam Love will also have a poem in this issue.

- It was a fun surprise to see Shuly Cawood's name among the contributors to Bacopa Literary Review 2021, which also includes one of my poems. She leads Let's Write Together!, twice-a-month, hour-long, online generative writing sessions that have been most welcome, welcoming, and inspiring over these past months. Congratulations, Shuly! Mysterious story!

- Thanks to Coastal Shelf for nominating "The George Washington Bridge" for The Best of the Net.

Autumn Leaves, Yarmouth, Maine

in the stew of ruin then recklessly
you want to purge it all,
destroy any emblem of deluge,
banish any hint of topsy-turvy.

by Jeanne Julian, from "River in Your Living Room," forthcoming

in Eno.


Coiled Line, Monhegan Island, Maine

Jeanne Julian

Poetry.  Photography.

High Surf at Two Lights, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

What a delightful surprise to find that Anne Rankin, another

new-to-Maine poet whom I only recently met, also has a poem in the 11th issue of The Poeming Pigeon: From Pandemic to Protest.

Here's a video of my poem "The Color of It" that's in included in the anthology From Pandemic to Protest, released this fall from The Poetry Box.

​​​Quotations for writers

"How unusual to be living a life of continual self-expression,
jotting down little things,
noticing a leaf being carried down a stream,
then wondering what will become of me,

and finally to work alone under a lamp
as if everything depended on this,
groping blindly down a page,
like someone lost in a forest."
―Billy Collins, from "Foundling"

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