Detail from the image "Nurse, Remedios, Cuba," which will be included in the summer edition of Iris Literary Journal. I shot this photo in March 2019, just before new travel restrictions were imposed by the U.S. (restrictions placing a stranglehold on the prosperity of ordinary Cuban citizens, with whom we share many personal and cultural relationships.)

...the huge boulder that leaned, a  menacing Gibraltar,
over the dusty entrance road was—so legend had it—
propped up, magically, by a host of twigs gathered
and placed upright there by girlish hands. Our hands alone. 

—from "Torchbearers" 

by Jeanne Julian, forthcoming in Iris Literary Journal


Jeanne Julian

Poetry.  Photography.

​​Quotations for writers

“'I thought about something you said. That I should write a book.'

'I believe I more noted how everybody’s doing it,' V says. 'If Virginia Clay can write a book, anybody can. The main qualification appears to be an ability to sit at a desk for many hours a day.'"
—Charles Frazier, Varina


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- Reed Magazine's annual launch gala, to be held online on September 17, 2020, will include videos of the co-winners of the Edwin Markham Prize reading their poems. That was an adventure, my effort to record myself! Many outtakes, I can assure you. Rodrigo Toscano is also a co-winner, and Naomi Shihab Nye will be the featured speaker. 

- Five South rewarded my first venture into flash fiction. "Universal Days" will be included in their inaugural issue! Much credit goes to my friend Maureen S., who inspired the piece.

- Assure Press will be publishing "Torchbearers," "Compensation," and "The Oldest Poet" in the summer edition of Iris Literary Journal. The issue theme is "purity: innocence, idealism, fidelity, goodness, honesty, incorruptibility, integrity, virtuousness...."  The settings of my poems are a girls' summer camp, a bookstore, and Nexus Poets' open mics in New Bern, NC, where "the oldest poet," Tom Blow, participated until just before his death in 2015 at age 96.

- "Icelandic Picnic," inspired by a painting by Louisa Matthiasdottir, will be part of editor Robbi Nester's proposed anthology of ekphrastic writings based on art work from their collections that museums made available on line during the 2020 pandemic.

- New Bern's sole indie bookstore has started a literary magazine—kudos to proprietor and author Michelle Flye for daring and sharing in a troubled time. My poem "Once Upon a Time in a Pandemic" will be included, as well as work by dear writer friends Diane de Echeandia and Jo Ann Hoffman. Michelle announced that the first issue sold out, and she is planning her second!