"Bridge Riders" was accepted into the juried invitational art show, The Bicycle: Art Meets Form" at Theater Art Galleries (TAG) in High Point, North Carolina. 

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- "Behind the Mask" and "Shells" will appear in an upcoming issue of Poetry Quarterly.

- "Stalker" was selected for the "Errant Mythologies" issue of pacificReview.

Poetry in Plain Sight is expanding statewide. The project, which began in Winston-Salem in 2013, brings North Carolina poetry and poets to the public:    four poems are chosen monthly and displayed on posters throughout arts districts and  downtown areas. Next month, Hendersonville in the west, and our very own New Bern in the east, will be participating for the first time. One of my poems, "Last Leaf," will be featured on a  PIPS poster in November 2018.

- The annual Local Authors Luncheon, sponsored by the Twin Rivers chapter of the American Association of University Women, features 10 writers each year. This year, I was honored to be included, along with my Neuse River Writers Group cohort, Polly Frank. Proceeds from the event provide STEM scholarships for women and girls. A delightful day!

- "The Painter" was chosen as a semi-finalist by Naugatuck River Review in its Ninth Annual Narrative Poetry Contest. 

Fifteen of my photographs illustrate the Winter 2017 issue of Snapdragon: a Journal of Art and Healing. The cover shot is of an abandoned farmhouse in New Bern.

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              ...At needlework, I prick my finger,
smearing blood on muslin.  Forcing
myself to play the mandolin breeds
dread that hidden footsteps
may be muffled by the music.

—from "Stalker" by Jeanne Julian

Slected for pacificReview, 2018, "Errant Mythologies"

Quote of the Month

“I get a lot of inspiration from just going out and pretending I’ve never been to this planet before. It’s a great way to remember just how absurd, strange, beautiful, and unlikely everything is around you. If I can stay in that childish frame of mind, in that place of possibility where you watch somebody get into an elevator, the doors close, then open again and five people come out, and it occurs to you, ‘That’s where you go to become five people!’ Or you cut your hair and more grows out, and you cut your hair and more grows out, and you deduce, ‘The human head must be packed with hair.’ If I can practice daily astonishment, I find that I’m a little more pleasant, patient, and forgiving.” 

—Brendan Constantine

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