Jeanne Julian

...Together they struggled to dislodge it,
casting not to catch, but to repel, this sodden piñata,
picadors revolted by their indolent prey, goading it
past the snags of drooping branches and cypress roots,
until at last a mild current ushered it downstream.

—from "The Loneliness of the Mortal Coil" by Jeanne Julian

Finalist, NCPS Poet Laureate Award

"Speed of Light" and "Beale Street Crowd" are two of the images included in my gallery space at Community Artists Gallery and Studios, a revival of an artisan

co-op in New Bern, opening April 2018. 

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“Obscurantism is more than a desperate attempt to feign novelty, though. It’s also a tactic for badgering readers into deference to the writer’s authority. Nobody can be sure they are comprehending the author’s meaning, which has the effect of making the reader feel deeply inferior and in awe of the writer’s towering knowledge, knowledge that must exist on a level so much higher than that of ordinary mortals that we are incapable of even beginning to appreciate it.....The harder people have to work to figure out what you’re saying, the more accomplished they’ll feel when they figure it out, and the more sophisticated you will appear. Everybody wins.”

—Nathan J. Robinson (on Jordan Peterson) in ​Current Affairs

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- Honored that my poem "The Loneliness of the Mortal Coil" was a finalist for the North Carolina Poetry Society's Poet Laureate Award, with Shelby Stephenson as the judge.

- My poem "Thread," inspired by a quilt crafted by Sally Rowe, has been accepted by ​Minerva Rising.

- Poetry Quarterly will publish my sestina "Under Study."

- "In the News," the Summer 2018 issue of The Poeming Pigeon (the literary journal issued by The Poetry Box), will include my sarcastic poem "Security."

"Behind the Mask" and "Shells" appear in the winter 2017 issue of Poetry Quarterly.

- "Stalker" was selected for the "Errant Mythologies" issue of pacificReview.

Poetry in Plain Sight is expanding statewide. The project, which began in Winston-Salem in 2013, brings North Carolina poetry and poets to the public:    four poems are chosen monthly and displayed on posters throughout arts districts and  downtown areas. Next month, Hendersonville in the west, and our very own New Bern in the east, will be participating for the first time. One of my poems, "Last Leaf," will be featured on a  PIPS poster in November 2018.

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