Here's a video of my poem "The Color of It" that's in included in the anthology From Pandemic to Protest, released fall 2021 from The Poetry Box.

I unflinching

straddled, braced, and focused,
encompassing everything below,
as if quietly giving birth
to all the world.

—from “'An Artistic Eye': Bayard Wootten, photographer" in The Power of the Feminine I.

-  Here's the cover of the recently released anthology The Power of the Feminine I, vol. 1, edited by Chris Cooper and Donna Biffar—which must've been quite the job, since it's over 390 pages. My persona poem about pioneering photographer Bayard Wootten is in the "Creators" section.

- Twelve Mile Review includes "Taking Stock," a persona poem.

- Now in the online pages of The Kleksograph 13: "Looking for Loveliness" and "Weight."

- The Belfast Poetry Festival annually sponsors the Maine Postmark Poetry Contest. My poem—along with others by fellow members of the Maine Poets' Society!—was chosen as a finalist:"The child I never had should know."

- Pleased that my poem "Get Out" was published in Silkworm, vol.16, released November 2023 by the Florence Poets Society. It's doubly fun because I lived in Florence, Massachusetts, for about 30 years!

- Thanks to an alert from the Maine Poets Society, I submitted two poems to The Kleksograph, an online "international review of arts and the subconscious." The editor has included "Making Sense" and "'View from the Park' in Ink" in the September issue.

- Here is "The Left-field Wall" in Gyroscope Review.

- Is there really a place "Where the Ducks Walk on the Fish"?

- A poem inspired by coastal Maine is up at Eastern Iowa Review.

Inkwell, Sarah Orne Jewett House, Maine


October Sunrise, Acadia National Park

Sunrise, Acadia National Park, Maine

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Terminal, Orlando, Florida

​​​Quotations for writers

“Maybe that audience will be just one woman in a bookstore desperately needing a story like her story and a voice like her voice and she finds a single worn copy of one of my books and feels companioned on a rainy Thursday afternoon. My book will be crushed between copies of other forgotten authors but, by chance, she will choose it, sit on the bookstore floor and read it, putting it back where she found it because she has no money to buy it, yet walking out into the mist she gathers a bit more strength to smile slightly and carry on. I’ve been that woman. I’m glad she and I have found each other. This is what poets can do."

—Kimberly Ann Priest in Hole in the Head Review

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Cormorants at Kettle Cove, Cape Elizabeth, Maine


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