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- Just signed up to teach again in the Craven Community College Adult Enrichment Program. "Writing Poetry: Next Steps" will run October 4 - November 8.

- "Leaving the Ceremony" was published in Ponder Review. (For all you writers: it had been rejected by 7 other journals, before assorted revisions. But, it was printed with altered punctuation that didn't make sense to me. Go figure.)

- Long-listed in in the Don't Talk to Me About Love​ Poetry Contest 2017: "Just (us) in Time."

- Longlisted in The Rialto Nature and Place Poetry Competition: "The Loneliness of the Mortal Coil."

- "Summertime" was selected by Atlantic Coast Landscaping to appear on the banner they are sponsoring for the Banner Project promoting the arts and civic pride in New Bern.

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Jeanne Julian

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"My Thoughts Ever Bend Toward You" (above) received Best In Show honors from the Coastal Photo Club in its spring competition. "Couple on St. Peters Roof" and "On the Road to a Broken Heart" (below) placed first and second in the monochrome division.

...My toil here mattered, I believe—
had its place and purpose and effect
for the intellectuals, just like a chalkboard,
the carillon, or a brick in Standish Hall,
with an impact like a prayer’s, maybe:
obligatory, unmeasurable, temporary.

But better to work here, where people talk and think,

than in a circus or a supermarket.

—from "Leaving the Ceremony" by Jeanne Julian

"Autumn Interlude," shot at Washington's Headquarters in Morristown, NJ, in 2012, received top honors in the Coastal Photo Club's mini-competition in June.

Quote of the Month

"The experience of the power of poetry comes before we can name it; no wonder writers are originally and eternally ferocious readers. As a reader of poems, I can feel the power of another person’s dreaming, and there is a great delight and fascination for me in feeling the form of the poet’s dreaming, in all its urgency and intelligence. The immersion in this process—sensing a voice emerging from private dreaming and out into formal clarity—is one of the great pleasures of my life, whether I am the reader or the writer of the poem. As a teacher, I hope to help a writer make his or her poem a true experience on the page: to figure out how to give an inner world, and one’s senses of the outer one, dynamic form."

—Sandra Lim

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