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- Maine: Spring Point Ledge Light, South Portland.

- Jeanne (far right) with Nexus Poets of New Bern.

- Neuse River Writers: Pam Desloges, Jeanne Julian, Diane de Echeandia, Polly Frank, and Diana Bennett.


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Jeanne Julian



Poet and photographer Jeanne Julian has resettled in New England after a ten-year sojourn in North Carolina.

     Jeanne's education as a writer began in her native Ohio, where wonderful teachers encouraged and guided her efforts. At Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, she studied with the late novelist Alfred Kern and with Lloyd Michaels, founder of Film Criticism magazine. While developing as a fiction writer, she enrolled in the MFA program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Influential faculty at that time were Tamas Aczel, Jay Neugeboren,Joseph Langland, Robert Bagg, and James Tate.
     Jeanne landed a temporary job at Merriam-Webster Inc., researching word histories for the Ninth Collegiate Dictionary. She then started her career as a marketing and communications administrator at Westfield State College (now University). Over 27 years there, she undertook all kinds of professional writing and editing projects. She enjoyed the creative campus atmosphere, including readings by such accomplished faculty poets as Stephen Sossaman and Lori Desrosiers (editor of the fine journal Naugatuck River Review), and by visiting greats such as Desmond Egan, Dennis Finnell, Hershman R. John, X. J. Kennedy, Galway Kinnell, and Richard Wilbur.

       Then she moved to New Bern, North Carolina, which author Doris Betts called "the writingest state." Jeanne appreciates the vibrant arts community she found there. The 12th annual Carolina Mountains Literary Festival invited Jeanne to be a featured reader in 2017, and she loved attending the High Road Festival of Poetry and Short Fiction offered by Press 53 in Winston-Salem.  She hopes to maintain ties to the the North Carolina Poetry Society, the North Carolina Writers' Network, the Pamlico Writers Group, and Carteret Writers, Inc. as well as New Bern's Nexus Poets, whose monthly open mic she helped coordinate. She also will enthusiastically contribute poetry book reviews to ​The Main Street Rag, a quarterly literary magazine out of Mint Hill, NC. Most of all, Jeanne will miss the friendship and sounding board of the Neuse River Writers, a close-knit group providing invaluable critiques and support.

      Now, she's found a home in Maine, leaving behind Brices Creek, cockroaches, fire ants, camellias, winter tennis, hurricanes, copperheads, gerrymandering, and Bojangles. In South Portland, she and her husband Tim will be walking distance from Taco Trio, two yoga studios, Foulmouthed Brewing, and a yacht marina (trading y'alls for yawls). Jeanne is now a member of Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance.

      In times of transition, she likes to recall the words of Juan Ramone Jimenez that were taped to poet Donald Junkins' office door at UMass: "Don't run, go slowly,/It is only to yourself that you have to go...."

       A reassuring message, then and now.


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