News 2020

Two of my images from the February 2020 Coastal Photo Club show at the Bank of the Arts in New Bern, NC: "Beale Street, Memphis" and "Schoolgirls, Remedios, Cuba."

"Stairway to Heaven, El Morro National Monument" and "Blue Ridge Steps" are in the April 5th, 2020, issue of ​Burningword Literary Journal.

- New Bern's sole indie bookstore has started a literary magazine—kudos to proprietor and author Michelle Flye for daring and sharing in a troubled time. My poem "Once Upon a Time in a Pandemic" was included, as well as work by dear writer friends Diane de Echeandia and Jo Ann Hoffman. Michelle announced that the first issue sold out, and she's developing her second!

- Thanks to the North Carolina Poetry Society! My poem "River in Your Living Room" was a finalist for the Poet Laureate Award in the society's 2020 contest. "Goodbye and Keep Chilled"―a take-off on Frost's "Good-bye and Keep Cold"―placed second for the Katherine Kennedy McIntyre Light Verse Award.​

The Main Street Rag Spring 2020 has a few of my poems in its pages: "That Last Holiday," "'What are the rules?'", and "Robert Mueller's Doorman." The 2020 anthology Pinesong ​is dedicated to Main Street Rag publisher and managing editor M. Scott Douglas. Congratulations, Scott!

- Glad that one of my fun poems found a home: The Poeming Pigeon's upcoming issue dedicated to "popular culture" will include "Getting on TV," which is a sort of tongue-in-cheek how to.

- My poem "Intimacy at the Blue Moon Café" was chosen as a co-winner of Reed Magazine's Edwin Markham Prize, along with a poem by Rodrigo Toscano of New Orleans. More details are on Reed's web site, including an interview with Anne Cheilek that got me thinking about "process." Anne has been a generous and thoughtful representative of California's oldest literary journal.

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