- New Bern's sole indie bookstore has started a literary magazine—kudos to proprietor and author Michelle Flye for daring and sharing in a troubled time. My poem "Once Upon a Time in a Pandemic" was included, as well as work by dear writer friends Diane de Echeandia and Jo Ann Hoffman. Michelle announced that the first issue sold out, and she's developing her second!

- Thanks to the North Carolina Poetry Society! My poem "River in Your Living Room" was a finalist for the Poet Laureate Award in the society's 2020 contest. "Goodbye and Keep Chilled"―a take-off on Frost's "Good-bye and Keep Cold"―placed second for the Katherine Kennedy McIntyre Light Verse Award.​

The Main Street Rag Spring 2020 has a few of my poems in its pages: "That Last Holiday," "'What are the rules?'", and "Robert Mueller's Doorman." The 2020 anthology Pinesong ​is dedicated to Main Street Rag publisher and managing editor M. Scott Douglas. Congratulations, Scott!

- Glad that one of my fun poems found a home: The Poeming Pigeon's upcoming issue dedicated to "popular culture" will include "Getting on TV," which is a sort of tongue-in-cheek how to.

- My poem "Intimacy at the Blue Moon Café" was chosen as a co-winner of Reed Magazine's Edwin Markham Prize, along with a poem by Rodrigo Toscano of New Orleans. More details are on Reed's web site, including an interview with Anne Cheilek that got me thinking about "process." Anne has been a generous and thoughtful representative of California's oldest literary journal.

Two of my images from the February 2020 Coastal Photo Club show at the Bank of the Arts in New Bern, NC: "Beale Street, Memphis" and "Schoolgirls, Remedios, Cuba."

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News 2020

"Stairway to Heaven, El Morro National Monument" and "Blue Ridge Steps" are in the April 5th, 2020, issue of ​Burningword Literary Journal.

Jeanne Julian