Jeanne Julian

Prose: Publications

  • Review of Jennings, Michael: When She Became You/Songs to Suzanne, in The Main Street Rag (forthcoming).
  • Review of Thomsen, Melinda: Armature, in The Main Street Rag, fall 2022.
  • "Last Chance in 53," flash fiction, Waterwheel Review, February 2022.
  • Review of Owens, Scott: Sky Full of Stars and Dreaming, in The Main Street Rag, spring 2022.

  • Review of Poochigian, Aaron: American Divine, in The Main Street Rag, fall 2021.
  • Review of White, Arisa: Who's Your Daddy, in The Main Street Rag, summer 2021.
  • Review of Frank, Joan: Try to Get Lost: Essays on Travel and Place in The Main Street Rag, spring 2021.
  • Review of Treseler, Heather: Parturition in The Main Street Rag, winter 2021.

  • "Universal Days," flash fiction, in Five South issue 1, fall 2020.
  • Review of Studdard, Melissa: Like a Bird with a Thousand Wings in The Main Street Rag,  fall 2020.
  • Review of Fetherston, Kate: This Far from Perfect in The Main Street Rag, summer 2020.
  • Review of Murphy, Patricia Colleen: Bully Love in The Main Street Rag, winter 2020.

  • Review of Wurster, Michael: Even Then in The Main Street Rag, ​fall 2019.
  • Review of Sexton, Sean: May Darkness Restore in The Main Street Rag, summer 2019.
  • Review of Thomas, Amber Flora: Red Channel in the Rupture in The Main Street Rag, spring 2019.
  • Review of Nieman, Valerie: Leopard Lady in The Main Street Rag, winter 2019.
  • Review of Marek, Jayne: The Tree Surgeon Dreams of Bowling in The Main Street Rag, ​winter 2019.

  • Review of Smith, Tracy K.: Wade in the Water in The Main Street Rag, ​fall 2018.
  • Review of Holmes, Karen Paul: No Such Thing as Distance in ​The Main Street Rag, summer 2018. 
  • Review of Copeland, Beth: Blue Honey in The Main Street Rag, winter 2018.
  • "Alison's Adventures on Christmas Eve," A Carolina Christmas, anthology, 2016.

  • "Restoring Faded Glory," review of Poston, David E.: Slow of Study in North Carolina Literary Review, 2017.

  • "Lighten Up: A Walking Tour of the Luberon." PSA Journal Vol. 82 Number 5,May 2016.

  • “Club Flickr? Big changes come to photo sharing site.” PSA Journal Vol. 79 Number 11, Nov. 2013.
  • Review of Murray, Aífe: Maid as Muse: How Servants Changed Emily Dickinson’s Life and Language in Historical Journal of Massachusetts, winter 2013.  

  • Review of Fanning, Patricia J.: Through an Uncommon Lens: the Life and Photography of F. Holland Day in Historical Journal of Massachusetts, fall 2010.

  • "Common Ground," Nexus Literary Journal, winter 1981.

Poetry.  Photography.