Fall/Winter 2016

- Announcing the publication of Polly Frank's book of personal essays, The Woman in the Mirror! Polly is in our wonderful writers group. 

- How I enjoyed my reading at Worcester State University on November 16—thanks to President Barry Maloney, my former boss (below). I met poet Karen Sharpe and poet and scholar Professor Heather Treseler, who brought her students of the craft. They asked great questions, as did members of the Worcester County Poetry Association. Seeing old friends in the audience and touring the campus (loved the minty zucchini soup in the dining commons) were highlights of the day.

- "Fault," inspired by the painting "Off Balance" by Cora Mae Pipkin, was chosen to appear on the postcard promoting the Craven Arts Council's latest juried exhibition, pairing the selected art works with ekphrastic poetry. And, the poem was chosen for second prize by poet Alan Shapiro—such an honor. Appreciated his remarks at the Art Walk reading event, concerning how meaningful language, truth-telling, diversity—all sorely challenged in this election year—are so essential to the preservation not just of culture, but of humanity.

- Prairie Wolf Press Review included my sestina "Adele" in Issue X.

- Main Street Rag accepted "Your Former Lover Lists You as a Reference."


- I am glad that "Elegy for Memory" was recognized with an honorable mention by the Franklin County [NC] Arts Council Writers Guild. It was written for Michelle Mattie, friend and coworker of my husband and me, who died of early-onset Alzheimer's. Somehow I have this feeling that honoring the poem honors her, too. It appears in County Lines: A Literary Journal 2017 along with my poems "Equinox," "Her Epitaph," "In Memoriam," "Solar Boy! With Frog" and "The Curious Pilot."

- Four of my poems are on line at Bindweed: "Intervention," "I Never Told My Mother," "Dirge for the Jazzman," and "Design: A Seminar, 1982." Then they'll be in the Issue 3 print anthology.

- The cover of the summer 2016  issue of Hartskill Review features my photograph, "Bolt from the Blue."

- My poem "Breath" is in Kakalak 2016, along with a couple of photographs: "Masks at a Gallery" and "Parmi les tombes." My photograph of an old tomb door in Paris is on the cover.

Summer 2016

- Enjoyed an informal talk by David Poston, sponsored by the Pamlico Writers Group.

- A duo of editors is producing an anthology of narrative poetry, The Well-Versed Reader, intended for book clubs to read and discuss. This is a cool idea! So I'm pleased that they're including two poems of mine, "Behind the Mask" and "Woman, 65, Not Struck by Train."

Spring 2016

- The Carteret Writers 25th Annual Writing Contest was triply good to me. Without knowing the poems' author, the judge awarded first, second, and third place to three of my submissions: "Cocky," "Recitative," and "Capital."

- Four of my outdoor images appear in the newly released anthology Nature Inspired: Spring 2016.

- A blog on "the writing life," developed by  Janice Beetle, a writer, editor, and marketing professional whom I worked with at Westfield State, includes a profile of me written by Shannon Grossman, an intern. Fun to reconnect and help Janice in her ongoing, earnest effort to encourage and develop students in communications. Well done, Shannon!

- "Memorial in Mist" was awarded 2nd place in the Advanced Monochrome category in the Coastal Photo Club spring competition. The other winning images on the club's web site are impressive.

- Book signing at The Next Chapter Books & Art  in New Bern. Photo by Rosemary Osterhus.

- Attended the Pamlico Writers Conference with the other members of our Neuse Writers Group. Heard inspiring presentations from John Hoppenthaler, Luke Whisnant, and Jaki Shelton Green, among others.

- The 5th annual issue of Eno, an environmental art and literary magazine, includes a cropped version of my photograph "Raven at Arches."

- "Mascot" was chosen as one of thirteen recipients of the 2015 Lascaux Prize in Poetry. Take heart, fellow writers: the poem had been rejected several times before finding a home. There were 2,000 submissions to this competition.

Winter 2016

- "Toward Salvation" is in Poetry Quarterly, winter 2015.

- The Poetry in Plain Sight project chose my sonnet "The Light" for a poster displayed at participating locations throughout Winston Salem, North Carolina. For more information about this project, see Winston Salem Writers.

See News Archive, 2015

Book signing at Next Chapter Books & Art, New Bern.

Our group, the Neuse River Writers (Rebecca Duncan, Diana Bennett, Diane de Echandia, Pam Desloges, and Polly Frank) in Washington, NC, for the 2016 Pamlico Writers Conference.

News Archive 2016

Jeanne Julian

With President Barry Maloney, after reading at Worcester State University in November, covered by university's alumni magazine.

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