- Coastal Shelf issue 3, out in March, includes "The George Washington Bridge" and "Catch"--and a beautiful photograph on the cover. The editor does this really cool thing where he suggests alternative journals that might be suitable for submitted poems Coastal Shelf isn't interested in (yes, there were three others that I'll need to seek homes for elsewhere!).

- "The Color of It," a poem about the coronavirus, is in The Poeming PIgeon: From Pandemic to Protest.

- The North Carolina Poetry Society has announced the winners of its 2021 Pinesong awards. It's an honor to be listed with other poet-friends whose work I admire. My poem "Blank Billboard Blues," was awarded first place in the Bruce Lader Poetry of Witness Award category. "Bird Counts" won second place in the Ruth Morris Moose Sestina Award category (must confess: for several years, this competition has inspired me to write and enter a sestina. This is the first year a judge recognized one of my efforts. Thanks to my friend Jeannie S., whose account of a neighborhood snowy owl took flight in this poem!)

- Red Eft Review, March 17, includes my poem about condo living.

- Up at Bluepepper (which comes from a land Down Under): "Making It Go Away."

- Enjoyed an online event with Maine Poets Society! My first. A round robin member reading.

eno Magazine will include "River in Your Living Room," a poem that emerged from Hurricane Florence. My poetry pal Sam Love will also have a poem in this issue.

- The Topsham, Maine, Public Library has chosen "Angel of the Sensual" as recipient of the Margaret F. Tripp Poetry Award in its annual "Joy of the Pen" competition.

- Thanks to Coastal Shelf for nominating "The George Washington Bridge" for The Best of the Net.

- Maine Poets' Society's fall contest for members centered on the theme of "solidarity." Happy to say that my poem "How the Spider Became My Sister" was named the second-place winner by judge Jefferson Navicky, an innovative writer, teacher, and chronicler. Great to hear him read prose poems from his just-released book, as well as other members' fine poems―several, including the winning poem and mine, inspired by life in the pandemic.

- "Portrait of a Woman with Foxgloves" will be in an issue of Poetry Quarterly.

- At the invitation of the editors of the anthology From Pandemic to Protest, I provided a video of a reading of my poem "The Color of It," experimenting with using "slides" so it wouldn't simply be a (my) talking head. Thanks to Regina Garcia, a wonderful poet in North Carolina, for alerting me to a web site where I could find free images to use. But, the video really worth checking out is “When in Kansas?” by Pasquale Trozzolo.

- "Our Twilight" is in Bacopa Literary Review 2021.

- The Comstock Review has accepted "Eulogy (Unwritten)" for publication. Really pleased; I respect those editors.

- Red Eft Review, March 17, includes my poem about condo living.

- What a delightful surprise to find that Anne Rankin, another new-to-Maine poet whom I only recently met, also has a poem in the 11th issue of The Poeming Pigeon: From Pandemic to Protest. Anne and I meet regularly to share feedback on our poems.

News 2021

- It was a fun surprise to see Shuly Cawood's name among the contributors to Bacopa Literary Review 2021 which also includes one of my poems. She leads Let's Write Together!, twice-a-month, hour-long, online generative writing sessions that have been most welcome, welcoming, and inspiring over these past months. Shuly's mysterious story will give you shivers.

- In October 2021, poet, naturalist, and physician Bill Griffin of Elkin, NC, shared a few of my poems on his blog, accompanying his enchanting photographs: Griffin~Poetry: v e r s e – and – i m a g e.

- Check out the 2021 wine-themed poems at Judd's Hill winery, including contest winner "Under the Veil" by Ryan Voss―and my poem too, about grape-growing in an inhospitable climate (like, for instance, Maine). A toast [🍷] to the winery for sponsoring a poetry competition for over 15 years!

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