-- The anthology My Cityline from Wingless Dreamer includes my poem "Watershed Trail."

- Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing has published its spring 2022 issue including my poem "First Kiss," as well as poems by North Carolina writer-friends Margaret Tau and Kristie Williams. Beautiful photography too! My poem was born in a workshop with poet Ashley Lumpkin in which she introduced a poetic form of her own devising.

- Check out Red Fez! A funky site to find poems. Like mine: "Spilled Beer," inspired by hanging out with the Nexus Poets crew at Prohibition in New Bern.

- Both Sam Love, founder of Nexus Poets, and I have poems in the 10th issue of eno magazine. So beautifully produced!

- Thanks to Press 53 for their series of prompts--always a creative challenge!—and to Waterwheel Review for making a home for a few of my orphaned 53-word efforts.

- In June, I was one of over 20 writers at "Meet the Author Day" in Chesterville, Maine (population 1,448). The event was to raise funds for the library. Great hospitality —homemade pasta salad and whoopie pies!—and interesting writers in all genres. I especially enjoyed meeting poet Richard Foerster and novelist Heather Morrison-Tapley.

- What a striking cover on this new anthology from Quillkeepers Press! It includes four of my poems: about a fly, an owl, hummingbirds, and creatures both hunters and prey.

News 2022

- Hole in the Head Review—an online quarterly journal that bills itself as "on the perilous coast of Maine—the very edge of the Atlantic"—shares four of my poems in volume 3, no. 3.

- As of September 2022, I'm the new secretary on the board of Maine Poets' Society.

- Thanks to Lakeshore Review for including "The Resting Place," dedicated to my late friend, Karen.

- On October 25th, a rather awkward podcast resulted from "Meet the Elite"—bringing you the most interesting business minds—contacting me about an interview. I was game, for the five-minute chat with James. But then, of course, they try to sell you a promotional package. Sorry, "Meet" & Co. I don't think a prolonged Q & A with a celebrity will get more people to buy a poetry book! But, maybe the Times Square billboard...? Thanks anyway. It was kinda fun.

- This sounds like an episode of I Love Lucy, but, I'm nonetheless pleased to share that I reached the Finalist stage in the "Winning Writers" 2022 Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest. Only 23 poets reached the Finalist stage out of 5,187 contestants, according to Wergle Flomp authorities. My poem was a spin on Walt Whitman's "I sing the body electric." My version is "The electric kettle sings."

- Thanks to the North Carolina Poetry Society for nominating my poem “Without/With 2020/2021" for a Pushcart Prize. The poem, winner of the Joanna Catherine Scott Award, was published in the Society’s Pinesong journal.

- Thanks to the 20th annual Goose River Anthology (published in Waldoboro, Maine) which will include my poem "To A Student Nearing Commencement." The earliest version of that poem was in 1987! Glad it'll see the light of day.

- There's a special happiness to hearing from Naugatuck River Review that one of my poems will be in that journal. It was founded by a colleague, Lori Desrosiers, at Westfield State University, where I used to work, and their publication of one of my poems 13 years ago helped keep me writing. "Look. Look." will be in the summer/fall 2022 issue.

- It was fun to attend the Garden Party (moved indoors because of the heat!) at Topsham Public Library in celebration of their "Joy of..." community arts series. I'm appreciative of having received the Margaret F. Tripp Award for Poetry for "Angel of the Sensual" in the Joy of the Pen category. AND—there was pleasant guitar music by Zack AND they served oodles of scrumptious custom cookies from Lil Jam Cookies of Lisbon Falls, Maine!

- My poem "Pattern" has won the Maine Poets' Society Prize Poem Contest. Finalists were Patrick Hefferan and Martin Steingesser. The judge was Julia Bouwsma, Maine's sixth Poet Laureate.

- The River, the online branch of The Sandy River Review, featured a few of my poems on April 1, 2022: "Stalled," "The Familiar," and "The Visitation."

- Hole in the Head Review Vol. 3, No. 4, is devoted to  writers' interpretations of "Thanksgiving recipes"—my sestina, "PLEASE HELP. Thanks.," included. The journal donated proceeds from the themed submission fees and tips "to feed Thanksgiving dinner to the hungry pilgrims at Preble Street Resource Center in Portland, Maine."

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